Wiring clips set mid ford gpw

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Ford used 12 different types of clips to fasten wiring to the GPWs body. Based on many years of research, The Long Olive Drab Line has carefully reproduced each of these clips and packaged them in an appropriate kit for your vehicle. Please order the appropriate kit for your jeep:

Early wiring clip kit: Used for GPWs built before October 1942 without the fender-mounted blackout drive light.

Mid production wiring clip kit: For GPWs built between 1942 and June 1943 with blackout drive light, but without radio terminal box.

“Standard” production wiring clip kit: For GPWs built from June 1943 to end of production, including vehicles with Radio Terminal box and ACM bodied GPWs.

All kits come with detailed instructions so you’ll know where to mount each clip.

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