Bonding straps complete set for early willys mb

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At the start of World War II, the US Army recognized the importance of reducing radio frequency noise in its vehicular fleet. Any electrical device that produces a spark can emit incidental radio signals or “noise” which can interfere with the operation of radio communication equipment and also allow the enemy to detect the presence and location of vehicles.
Radio suppression on 1/4-ton trucks was accomplished using a combination of continuous grounding and capacitive filters.
Continuous grounding ties all of the noise-producing elements, such as the engine ignition system, to the truck’s body and frame and ensures that all body sheet metal forms a shield against R.F. energy.
Grounding straps, like these authentic reproductions, help ensure proper radio shielding and also provide a low resistance path for 6 volt battery power.
Proper installation of this kit provides faster engine starting and battery charging.

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